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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question concerning the operation of your system? It might have been asked before. Check our FAQ for some handy answers on use, maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting of your system.

NIST Traceable

We recommend a yearly recalibration cycle for all IST data recorder systems. IST provides a complete recalibration service to help keep your system providing accurate results. IST has been certified to MIL-STD-45662A. All IST calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) We request customers contact IST Technical support via e-mail, fax or phone to get an RMA number before returning equipment.


IST offers ISO Z-540 certified recalibration services on all SnapShock-Plus; EDR-3/3C/3D/6DOF; EDR-4 and MSR-3C series products as well as external accelerometers. IST maintains an in-house metrology lab which supports all of these repair and re-calibration services. All calibrations are traceable to NIST.

IST generally recommends annual re-calibrations on all of its instruments referenced above.

Expedited Repairs & Recalibration Minimize

To assure the best possible turnaround time on non-warranty repairs and recalibrations, IST offers an Expedite Service. IST will get your system back to you within days. Keep in mind that the availability of this service is subject to our production schedule, and the needs of our other customers. If we cannot return your unit as promised, the expedite fee is waved.

To expedite your order, you must call IST to arrange it. Note that your order will be moved to "next in line" status, but your order can be superceded by any order classified as a US Defense Priority, per applicable law.

Standard IST Warranty and Update Policy Minimize


Limited Product Warranty

Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc. (IST), Guarantees its products are free of manufacturing defects for one year from the delivery date. If a defect is discovered within this period, Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc., will repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, when the customer returns the product to the company with postage prepaid. Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc., reserves the right to decide whether the product will be replaced or repaired. This warranty is limited to defects that are found to be due to IST's manufacturing or testing procedures. The warranty does not apply to accessories such as batteries, accelerometers or cables that are manufactured by others. By using products and accessories manufactured by IST or its suppliers, the customer agrees that IST is not liable for any losses suffered as a result of this use and agrees to the conditions of this warranty.

Limited Software Waranty

Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc. (IST), Guarantees its software programs only to the extent of replacement for one year from the delivery date. IST will replace, at no charge; any software programs or disks supplied by IST that are found to be defective. By using software supplied by IST, the customer agrees that IST is not liable for any losses suffered as a result of this use and agrees to the conditions of this warranty.

Update Policy

At Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc. (IST), our goal is to provide our customers with high quality instrumentation, software, and documentation. IST frequently improves on existing software programs and documentation. IST therefore offers customers free updates for one year on software programs and documentation for the product they purchased. IST requires return of the original software programs and/or documentation to IST prior to replacement. After this one-year period, updates are available for free via our website at for free, or a disk can be provided at a nominal charge.

Extended Warranty


At the time of purchase, you may choose to extend the warranty coverage beyond the standard one year. IST offers extended warranties for all systems for two, three or five years from the date of manufacture.

Extended warranties cover the cost of the recommended yearly recalibration, as well as all repairs that may be needed.