EDR-5 series shock and vibration recorders

EDR-5 series

Shock and Vibration Recorders

The Model EDR-5 series data recorders are selfcontained, completely user programmable acceleration sensor/recorders. The instruments are designed for stand-alone measurement and recording of shock and vibration over extended time periods ranging from hours to months. The “5” series offers numerous improvements over earlier models including higher digitization speeds, substantially larger memory, 12 bit/16-bit ADC, USB and Bluetooth data communications, re-chargeable lithium ION batteries, support for external PE ICP accelerometers, real time output capability, and more. The instruments still offer users the time-tested reputation for proven performance and reliability with hundreds of successful installations of predecessor models worldwide since the late 1990s.

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  • New, full featured recording package
  • Completely self-contained
  • Built-in Tri-axial accelerometer +/-10 to +/-200 g fs range
  • DC response
  • Acceleration Waveform Recording
  • Temperature and RH (opt.) measurement
  • Programmable digitization to 50k sps/channel
  • 12-bit/16-bit digitization
  • Nonvolatile memory to 64GB
  • Programmable triggering schemes
  • Amplitude, delta-v, time, external triggering options
  • High speed USB and Bluetooth PC interface
  • External accelerometer input channels
  • Up to six 50kHz Accel channels
  • Re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery life to 90 days
  • Network triggering capability
  • Real time data output capability
  • Advance memory management features
  • Patented sliding window overwrite mode
  • IP67 enclosure ingress protection rating
  • Designed for high shock/vibration environments
  • Powerful Windows software included

Typical Applications

  • High-Value Transport Monitoring
  • Air Drop Testing
  • Airborne Vibration Measurement
  • Machinery Monitoring
  • Crash Recording
  • Structural Vibrations
  • Launch Vehicle Vibration
  • Environmental Test Level Qualification
  • Vibration Test Spec Development
  • In-use Environments


The recorders are set up using a standard USB port along with IST’s DynaMax suite DMW-base software module. After field recording, data is transferred back to the host PC for processing and analysis. Each recorder is powered by a specially designed, re-chargeable, lithium-ion battery pack.

The instrument’s recording function is controlled by a custom designed digital recording and data management engine. The design is optimized for minimal power consumption while running at high, multi-channel digitization rates and large data storage capacity. The recorder features a special low power “sleep mode” when no acceleration activity is present with a fast wake-up feature whenever acceleration levels exceed a very low minimum level. During active recording acceleration signals from internal accelerometers are captured to 12-bit resolution and stored in onboard memory. Each event is also date and time stamped. For typical ground transportation bandwidth applications, the EDR-5 series recorder is capable of recording over an entire year of acceleration data. For high speed 10kHz acquisition the instrument is capable of capturing over 24 hours of acceleration data.


Each EDR-5 instrument can be supplied with a specially designed and calibrated internal MEMs-type triaxial accelerometer. These accelerometers are available in several different user selectable range options. The MEMs device offers excellent low frequency response characteristics while providing frequency response up to 3.2kHz. Signals from the internal accelerometers are digitized to 12-bit precision.

The EDR-5 external accelerometer input channels are designed for use with voltage mode piezoelectric accelerometers. The external channel inputs provide power and constant current excitation for compatibility over a wide range of voltage mode PE accelerometers. The external input channels offer the user a software selectable low pass filter and digitization to 16-bit precision.

Bluetooth Interface

The EDR-5 features a wireless Bluetooth interface for receiving recorder status information on a handheld iPhone as well as mode change capabilities. Recorder status information such as number of triggered events, memory used, and battery voltage can be read from the Bluetooth interface.

Advanced Programmability

The EDR-5 is completely user programmable for accurate recording of either (transient) shock and/or vibration data. The instrument may be set up to operate under amplitude based, time periodic or external input triggering, or any combination thereof. Considering the extremely large onboard memory, the instrument can simply be set up to run in continuous record mode as well. In this fashion, the unit can be set up to effectively use the external trigger input as a start/stop input for recording.


Below are tables showing the total equivalent recording time for the EDR-5 internal accelerometers as well as the external input channels.