Logistics Quality Audit Service



  • Scientific Package, Pallet, and Container sized Handling Quality Audits.
  • utilizing IST Acceleration Recorder Technology.
  • Let us do the work and deliver the results.
  • Measure In-Transit Vibration/Shock/ Impact/ Drop/ Temperature/Humidity/ Atmospheric Pressure.
  • Through specific Routes/Modes/Carriers.
  •  Improve Package Design and Testing.
  • Compare Truck and Route Information to Reduce In-Transit Damage.
  • Qualify Carrier Selection Using Handling Quality Metrics.
  • Benchmark Carriers/Modes on Handling Quality.

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What is LQA? An IST Logistic Quality Audit is a customer specific environmental audit of one or more distribution channels, carriers, or modes. Using proprietary IST measurement technology, IST can conduct Test Shipments (samples) through a customer’s supply chain or demand chain in an effort to measure and collect statistically significant handling quality data on carriers, as well as package testing and design data.

How Can I Start? A prospective customer working along with an IST representative must complete a LQA Pre-Proposal Survey Form. This form provides information to enable a sampling plan to be designed to meet customer criteria and objectives. IST will then respond with a proposal for the audit, along with associated costs.

How will it benefit me? Information gathered and compiled from an IST LQA can enable customers to fine tune packaging design, and pre-shipment testing specifications. Real-world data on handling quality can be used to optimize package design, and reduce in-transit damage. An LQA can provide Time and Frequency Domain information on Ride, Handling, Quality for Carrier, and Truck Evaluation and SelectionFor many companies a substantial ROI can be achieved, particularly for companies that either (a) are experiencing significant in-transit damage, or (b) are spending large amounts on packaging with relatively no in-transit damage. An LQA will enable customers to better balance the equation between in-transit damage (costs) and packaging (costs). Test shipments can also be conducted for Sea Containers to reveal Handling Quality at ports and various shipping hubs.

How Much Does it Cost?  The cost of LQA is entirely dependent upon the scope of the audit.

The scope is primarily a function of:

  1. How many routes do I wish to examine?
  2. How many carrier/mode combinations do I wish to examine on those routes?
  3. What environmental parameters do I want to measure? (e.g. Vibration, Shock, Drop, Impact, Temperature, Humidity, and/or Atmospheric Pressure.)
  4. What degree of statistical confidence do I want in the results?
  5. If Applicable: How large is the unit load on which I wish to conduct sampling?

What Do I Get Once the LQA is Completed? This is dependent upon what is ordered as part of the LQA. The customer will receive a written report compiling the data collected depending upon the extent of data ordered, and will receive:

  1. Summarized Engineering Data Compiled by Carrier, Mode, and Route.
  2. This includes: Condensed Time History Information, Highest Event Summary, Peak-g Histogram, Peak-g RMS Histogram, Power Spectral Density (PSD) Profile Results, and Optional Overlays to Industry Standards.

How Soon Can I Start? LQAs generally require some initial network setup that can take from 1-2 weeks. IST acceleration sampling assets must also be allocated to the LQA, which may depend upon other ongoing LQAs [That also require 1-2 weeks].

In general IST is able to initiate an LQA within 1-3 weeks of the receipt of order verification.

Completion of the LQA is entirely dependent upon the scope of the audit. Audits may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months or longer.

Start getting your carrier’s numbers today. Call a IST representative in your area for more information.

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